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Spinner Hanger Shot blast 

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PAXAA has a range of Hanger Type shot blasting machine varying according to the work piece size, production capacity and level of automation. The overhead conveyor carries the job in & out of the blast cabinet where numbers of blast wheel, depend upon the type of the job for attaining homogeneous finish.
Major parts of the machine include blast wheel for giving high production output, over head conveyor for job conveying & the media recovery, consist of bucket elevator, screw conveyor, rotary screen separator etc. & pleated bag reverse jet type dust collector.

There are several variations for feeding your products to the machine

Single Spinner Hanger
Work pieces are hang from spinner and the overhead conveyor carries the job in & out of the blast cabinet where numbers of blast wheel, depend upon the type of the job for attaining homogeneous finish.  After finishing the operation, the machine shuts down and the processed job is replaced by unprocessed one. This type of machine is an economic choice for small scale production.

Y type Hanger
The job enters the blast cabinet where it is blasted inside the blast cabinet by two powerful upward and downward positioned blast wheels enabling to cover the entire turning circle of components. The duly blasted work piece come out from the same branch of the ‘Y’ is pushed inside for blast cleaning. The opening & closing of both the doors can be manual or pneumatically operated.

Indexing Spinner Hanger
The Casted Blocks are loaded one on each Rotary Indexing Hanger. After the Job is hanged on hanger, the hanger will index. Load second Job on out coming Hanger. After set time in PLC the Pneumatically operated Sliding Door get close. The blast cleaning media is propelled by centrifugal blasting wheels. Blast wheel stations are located strategically on the cabinet, fires media on the components. The components shot blasted are finished homogeneously all around. After a set time Front door will open. Job is unloaded and new Job cycle is repeated.
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