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Pulse Jet Dust Collectors 

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Principles of Operation: The PX-BH-PJ is a modular, continuous, automatic, self-cleaning, cloth pulse-jet dust collector. The dirty air enters the collector through circular inlets. A baffle at the inlet deflects the dust into the hopper. After the dust laden air leaves the baffle area, it passes through the filter media, depositing the dust on the outside surface of the individual filter bags. More…

General Description

Modular Design:

  • combinations of 96 bag or 144 bag modules
  • one to five modules per unit
  • 130 mm diameter bags in a 180 x 180 mm spacing pattern
  • Bag lengths of 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 m
  • more...
  • pyramid style hopper
  • minimum side slope of 60 degrees
  • flanged outlet of 300 x 300 mm with a drilling that matches an optional Rotary Lock
  • more...
Pulse Jet System:
  • 150 mm diameter compressed air manifold
  • 1.5" diaphragm solenoid pulse valves
  • Each pulse valve serving twelve bags
  • more...

Baghouse Applications
In most cases, baghouses are the equipment of choice for particulate emissions control. Baghouses are certainly not the only solution to the particulate emissions problem but are usually more cost effective and operationally friendly than the other options. However, to utilize baghouses as effectively as possible, operators need to be familiar with their specific attributes and how to use those attributes to maximum advantage. More...

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