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PAXAA provides plants for pipes with different coating solutions in compliance with the most rigorous international standards for water industry projects. PAXAA coating system and line pipe packages can be used on site or factory for demanding applications.

In addition to our own coating plants, we work in alliance with coating manufacturing companies, and therefore we are able to provide a variety of coating systems.

Process Scope:

The object of this system is to apply a method of protecting the underground pipelines by the process of coating and wrapping. The job shall be generally performed in the following operations:
  1. Cleaning the external pipe surface.
  2. Priming with synthetic primer.
  3. First coat of coal tar enamel.
  4. First layer of inner wrapping with glass fiber.
  5. Final coat (2nd coat) of coal tar enamel.
  6. Outer wrap of coal tar impregnated glass fiber.
  7. White wash.
In addition, this specification also covers and defines the material specifications, method of
cleaning, priming procedures of coating & wrapping, testing, preparing, handling and storing
etc., required for the satisfactory completion of the job.


All materials used shall conform to the quality and testing requirement indicated in AWWA
C-203-86 or BS 4164, 1987 or ASTM Standards and or as directed by Company Site

All appurtenance and equipment to be used for cleaning, priming, coating and wrapping and
testing shall be approved by the Company Site Representative.

Limit of Utilization

The underground pipeline protected by coating and wrapping as described in this specification
should be able to carry a liquid at a temperature up to 60 deg. C.
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